Quartz Carpet is available in two different finishes. Classic or Fine Grained. Both these finishes are suitable for internal, external and vertical applications. Both can accommodate designs seamlessly, and are underfloor heating compliant.

Classic Finish Fine Grain Finish
Quartz Carpet Classic Flooring uses 2-3mm size naturally rounded stones to produce a soft non-slip floor that can seamlessly flow between inside and outside areas. Quartz Carpet Fine Grain Flooring uses smaller stones, is fully sealed and has an installation height of 4mm. It can be applied directly over tiles making it ideal for interior improvements as door heights are usually not affected.
2-3mm Stone Size 0.8-1.2mm Stone Size
Open or closed pore installation options Closed pore installation
6mm Installation Height 4mm Installation Height
Available in 36 colours Available in 12 colours


Mixed and laid on site, Quartz Carpet ® flooring systems are ready for traffic within 24 hours of application.

Quartz Carpet flooring systems will only be installed by specifically trained and licensed applicators. Quartz Carpet flooring is not sold to unlicensed, untrained installers. Galaxy Flooring Specialists are the preferred installers for Southern and Sub Saharan Africa.

The Galaxy Flooring Specialists application teams are dedicated to quick, neat and problem-free installations and are accustomed to construction site conditions.