Rubber Flooring Accessories

Rubber Flooring Accessories

The most popular safety rubber flooring system are the Impact Protection Slabs. There is a range of accessories that match in colour and compliment the Impact protectoin slabs, to enhance the appearance and active experience of your playground.

Playground Accessories can be installed and played on in outdoor playgrounds and in classroom settings. They offer children additional educational and developmental playing activities.

The accessories available are :

Modular Sandbox edging is ideal for separating sandbox areas from the playground and can be used to create the desired sandbox shape to suit the area.

Steppers/Theme Steppers are available in various heights and offer an opportunity to develop balance and co-ordination in playground areas. Steppers can come with base sockets, which provide stable support when it is required.

Elephant, Rhino, Camel and Pony accessories provide a comfortable seating option suitable for use in various weather conditions. The animals can be placed loosely onto the surface or installed with base plates, which would increase the rigidity of the animals.

Mushrooms are available in various colours and come with stems, which are available in differing heights. Mushrooms can be encorporated in various play area settings, as seating or as the equipment for interactive games.

Balls and Half Balls can be used indoors or outdoors and incorporated in a play area as a decorative feature, bordering as well as seating.

Cubes/Theme Cubes can be anchored into the ground or moved around. Cubes can be used as seating or climbing equipment, which ecourages balance development in an interactive way.

Step Blocks are an alternative to rigid materials such as wood, stone and concrete and are ideal for spectator seating as they are made from recycled rubber material which is comfortable to sit on. Step Blocks can also be used on sports surfaces as bordering to enclose an area or as planter walls.

Lawn Edging provides versatile child friendly bordering or edging for sandboxes, gardens and walkways.

Protective Edging can be used for improving safety around trampolines or dangerous edges and is available in various colours.

Edge Protectors/Perimeter Panels are used to improve safety in hazardous areas such as on concrete edges and steps.

Rubber Palisades offer practical integration as well as aesthetic design. The Palisades come in differing heights and can be used as a border or edging when anchored into the ground.

Talking Mushroom is power generated (low voltage) and plays audio files such as music and stories, which can be changed as desired.

Living Animals offer the same characteristics as the Elephant, Rhino, Camel and Pony and have the added educational benefit of being able to play audio files e.g. animal sounds, music and stories.

Game Floor slabs come in sets of 4 or 8 tiles, which are to be incorporated within a complimenting rubber tile surface. When power is generated, an initial tile will illuminate, encouraging children jump on the tile. Through shock sensing on the illuminated tile, this will action a different tile to illuminate for the children to run and jump on.

Rubber has stain resistant properties, making it very easy to clean. see Care